July 4, 2008     Monica & Alex  
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About Us

This is Alex's version of telling our story:

October 10th

And it was that night that Monica arrived
in search of me, and I, in search of her, without knowing.
I did not know her. I did not know where she came from,
from summer’s last breath or fall’s windy rivers.
I don’t know how or when my hand touched hers,
no, I cannot recall the first time her voice said my name,
or what gaze broke off the silence from our eyes,
but from this night, dark as polished onyx,
with the stars unfurling the madness of youth,
we originate.

I sought her out
clothed with uncertainty,
consumed by the topaz of her eyes.
No barrier, no desert or branch of night
could stop me. I made my way,
like a child or dark jungle animal,
lurking, deciphering her movements, her occasional stare.
Until, until I was there…

I did not know what to say,
my mouth was a fleeting bird’s wing spattering nonsense.
My eyes, useless for mundane things,
saw the night break open in an instant
And then I knew I had been burned,
burned by the violent fire of her smile.

She had come from city of festivals,
celebrating life in her shy laughter.
And I, deprived soul,
dried from the solemn fall of summer,
of years wandering amongst the multitude,
alone, reached out to her with thirsty lips.
Her kiss was the sweet water of Cali’s sugar canes.


Now this is the long version of how it happened....

Clau, Alex, Monica.  First night we met.We met October 10th 2003, 2 hours before Alex's birthday. It was one of those night that none of us knew we where destined to meet with fate. Alex had been working for 14 hours that day and didn't feel like going out. Camilo, his trusted party advisor, convinced him to go with him where he was going to meet some friends. Alex relunctantly accepted and drag himself to the car. When they got to the meeting spot, he was introduced to Monica and Claudia. They were both very quiet and shy compared to the motor mouth of Alex who kept on talking, spattering nonsense, and asking a million questions that the CIA in Guantanamo would have seemed shy by his side. When they reached the club they drank, toasted to the good life, toasted for his birthday and celebrated the night. Man that was a crazy night! It's one of those nights were everything is a haze. Everything seemed surreal.

A week later, he called her and asked her to go on a date. She accepted. It was a disaster! Alex was scared to death. She ordered a steak--and sent it back five, (5), Cinque, Cinco times! In Alex's own words: "Whoa... this chick is high maintenance! I better run!" She claimed that the steak was too bloody although it was burnt to a crisp by the fifth time it was brought back to our table. But by that time, the manager and chef had come over to find out what the problem was, she had lost her appetite and Alex had lost hope. And so time went by... as it always does. We went our separate ways. And seasons went by.

But oh, fate came back knocking at our doors again. One day when Alex was riding his motorcycle, she texted him. It read: "I want you, really bad! I must have you now, call me asap!" Ok, well, that wasn't really the message. But he was pretty sure that's what she really meant when instead she had asked if he did mortgage loans. Which he did. At the time Alex had just move to a Tyson's office, which happened to be close to her work. And so as the loan process went by, they started eating lunches together. And what do you know, Alex started noticing that this high maintenance chick wasn't a high maintenance chick after all! And she, she started to notice that this "Playboy" didn't really have game, but was a cool, funny and "deep" guy to hang out with--not to mention "Caliente!"

And so it was that after the trillionth time that Alex had asked her to come out, that she accepted. She had denied to go to the beach, parties, clubs, bars, lounges, his house, BBQs, mountains, trips, etc etc, all summer and finally one Fall weekend she decided to mix business with pleasure! Oh... little did she know that he was going to bring his "A" game! He was ready to conquer. He was conquistador in a mission. He took her to Old Town Alexandria, and there, among the dark leaves, the rocks, and dark night, they kissed. And she was hooked! About three weeks later, they became "official" when she couldn't resist anymore of those foolish lover's games and asked him out.