July 4, 2008     Monica & Alex  
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Bridal Party

Carolina Bornstein- Maid of Honor
Bride’s Sister

In her own words:

"This is the story of how I met Monica.  I had just turned 5 years old and was in kindergarten when I came home one day to find a little person in my house.  My parents told me it was my new baby sister.  I was very excited because I finally had a playmate.  Soon I came to realize that this baby didn't do much, but eat, sleep and poop.  Still I was happy to help out taking care of her.  I remember my favorite thing to do was to brush her hair because no matter what we did to her hair it would always stand straight up (even after using baby oil).  Anyways, we both grew up and had our share of sibling rivalry, but I've always loved her.  I'm very proud of the woman she's become and I pray that God fills her life with happiness.  I consider myself very blessed for having a wonderful family.  I'm very happy to have Alex as the newest addition to our family and can't wait to share some memories (already have some, but there's always room for many more).  Monica and Alex may God bless your union and cherish each other always."
Love, your big Sis.

From Monica:

" I have come to love and appreciate you so much since my younger years. You are such a wonderful sister, full of love, patience and understanding. I remember our San Diego Road Trip... that was a lot of fun, you were worried that I was going to loose my balance and fall over the Grand Canyon, lol. I think that trip brought us a little closer. My only regrets are not taking as many pictures with you, athough you did learn about photography and "composition" by taking so many pics of Alex and I (see what I mean about her patience?) Through good times and bad, you have been there, always giving me the direction and support when I needed you the most. Thank you so much Caro, you are truly an angel to me. It is an honor to share this special moment in my life with you."


Mariana Burgos- Maid of Honor
Bride’s Sister

In her own words:

"I guess you can say that I met Monica 23 years ago, back in January 24, 1985, (wow that’s a long time!) From that day I was her sister for life; not by choice, but that’s ok because I consider myself lucky to have her as my sister and my friend. Growing up together wasn’t always easy because we had our differences here and sometimes we could not stand each other, but that’s what comes with the whole sister thing I guess. In a way I have always looked up to Monica. I can say I have learned a whole lot from her through the years and till this day I’m still learning from her. She has been there for me when I was in need and I love her very much. I have always wished the best for Monica because she deserves the best, and I’m glad to know that she has gotten the best! And yes Alex I’m talking about you! You can say that this is when Alex comes into the picture, literally, and I think you guys know what I’m talking about. Even though I had only seen or heard of him trough pictures I already knew he was one of those crazy guys, (in a good way though). I officially met him at some barbecue that he had invited Monica to, and boy was I right about him being crazy but not only that, he was loud too! To be all honest here I really was not sure of him to begin with but he kind of grew on me. I actually think he grew on me too much because I find myself doing things that he did that would annoy me, (oh well). Alex is one of a kind and I’m glad that he is in my sister’s life! I wish you both luck and happiness through out the years to come."

From Monica:

Mari, you are my baby sister and I have always looked out for you, even now that you are all grown up now. I always have tried to make sure that I gave you the advice from my experiences in life. You are a beautiful young lady, and the sweettest brat ever...jk! You know that I love and care about you a lot! I know that you have grown up a lot during the past couple of years and I am very proud of you, especially now that you are becoming an iron chef in training. Thank you for having patience with my dear love (Alex) who's most favorite thing to do is to make fun of you, haha!

Because I adore and cherish both my sisters as friends, I couldn't choose just one maid of honor. I thank the lord for blessing me with such beautiful and caring sisters.


Claudia Urrutia- Bridesmaid
Bride’s Friend

Claudia U

From Monica:

Claudia, my best friend, my buddy, my partner in crime. Its been many years since the first day we met back in TJ in the 6th grade. Wow, 15 years to be exact! You no longer have your glasse & braces and I no longer have my bangs, ha-ha! You have been there in the ups and downs of life with me, both have shed some tears and faced tough times. You are like a sister to me. You always know how to make me smile and are in a way like my twin, I remember people confusing us or telling us that we must be sisters, until we finally caved and started telling people that we were either sisters or cousins (what a mess!) Here are a few memories that come to mind when I think of you, getting lost in DC, prom dress (lol) photography class, STARBUCKS (being hyper) Cookies! Ha-ha! Even though we don't talk as much as we once did, I know that you are still there whenever I need you and we always pick up where we left off. That is what a true friendship is all about.






Bianca Palomeque- Bridesmaid
Bride’s Friend

bianca How I met Monica:
Setting: Arlington VA, Thomas Jefferson 6th Grade Girls Gym Locker Room.
After a long and excruciating hour of PE, all the girls hit the Locker Room, I was on one end of room and Monica was on the other end. We might have exchanged eye contact; it was so long ago I can't remember. I saw her whispering to her friends and I did the same. As we approached one another... our friends gathered around.... to see us DUKE IT OUT! lol But instead we had a gay verbal altercation and yeah.... I think we spent 6th grade hating each other for a reason I do not remember.

The following year we became friends as you can tell since I have poor memory, but by the new school year I had forgotten that I disliked her. We have been Best Buddies for 14 years and still going. She's like a sister to me. We have shared tons of good times, bad times, and sad times.

How I met Alex:
It was a quite evening at Alexandria's hot spot Mango Mikes, Monica and I were out celebrating Oneyda's Birthday and Well.... most people might not know this about Alex, but he used to be a "Birthday Lap Dancer". That's right Alex showed up ready to party and he got down to business and made sure Oneyda had a blast, and she did. Alex's energy is contagious and brings the kid out in everybody. Which is why we all love him, except for his inability to "Say it and not spray it" All I have to say is PJ Party of '06!

To Monica and Alex:
What can I say about these kids, other than they cant keep there hands or lips off each other, LORD I get I used to get sick to my stomach when I hung out with them. BLUH! I'm excited Monica has found her media mitad, and genuinely happy for both of them, they truly love each other and I can not wait for the wedding!

***BONKERS!!! Thank your for creating that collage of oh-so-embarrasing pics!!***

From Monica:

Since that tense moment in the 6th grade, lol! Till our friendship now, 15 years later...I am glad that we were able to let bygones be bygones, or else I would have probably gotten my skinny butt beat, haha! You have been an awesome friend, always up for anything and always there when I needed you. From our many adventures, keywest/miami, to camping, clubbing and beaches, you have become part of the family "the adopted one." Even though we are so different we understand and "get" each other, thanks for putting up with those frantic "bosy" moments, thank you for understanding and making me smile! :)  


Claudia Reyes- Bridesmaid
Bride’s Friend

In Her Own Words:

Mon I am so happy that you are my friend. I have always cherished our friendship since we met 8 years ago.You have been sincere and honest with me throughout our friendship and I will always remember this. I only wish the best for you and Alex, and I am so happy that you have found him to share your life. May God bless you and I love you guys! Congratulations.

From Monica:

I remember meeting you at the mall when I was barely legal (18) It was that time that we were too young to get into anywhere "cool" but since you were a couple of years older you would get us in or sneak us some drinks, ha-ha! I remember you taking care of me and looking out for me as an older sister does. For that I thank you! You have always been very sweet and caring. I admire you as a person and appreciate your friendship now, and look forward to continuing that friendship for MANY years to come.


The Groomsmen (AKA The Accomplices)

Christian Garcia aka Pato McQuack- Best Man
Groom's Best Friend

In his own words:

ChristianAlex, the first memory I have of you is your Antonio Banderas hair do from desperado back in Yorktown and your fascination with.…....
I can't believe it's been eleven years since I meet you. Even more, I still can't believe I have not been able to get away from you, LOL. We have gone through so much man, from Yorktown and our infamous trips to Maryland to your dancing fighting in Miami where you almost did not make it back. Now that I think about it, what ever happened to the ticket in Florida? Just reminiscing about all the old times makes me smile as I write this; so many memories, so many "I was drunk and stupid" moments. We have laughed, you have cried, and we have partied and gone on so many adventures together. It takes a long time to get to know someone, and I can say that getting to know you was an adventure by itself. While many know the wild, outgoing, and crazy Alex, a very few of us know the hard working, family oriented, passionate, and serious side of you. You're my bro man, and am your watermelon (am still having a hard time explaining this one to people). Am glad to have met you and have you and Moni take part in my family's life.

Monica, first and foremost I want to thank you. I have tried so many years and finally Alex has matured, to a certain extend at least. Good girls are hard to find and when I meet you in one of my many BBQs at my house I could tell that you would change Alex's life. I remember Alex already telling me how you where "The one", typical Alex but this time he was right.

To both of you, I want to say, Congratulations, on finding each other and wanting grow old together. You guys where made for each other. As both of you should know already, you guys can always count on D and me for anything. You're family in our eyes and that will never change. I love you both and may God bless you both on your journey together.

From Alexxx:

christian and alexMy dogg! Christian, man, there are so many roads, so many detours, we have taken together.. We have so many memories, so many trips, countless parties and so much potential for blackmail! We have come a long way from our failed trips in the middle of the night to MD! You have put up with, and like a loyal friend, have become my partner in crime over the years when I come up with my ideas, even when you know it's another of ill-conceived, crazy and stupid idea. We have been there, done that, together. We have cracked up, cried, saved each other from certain death -- ok, more like you saving me (remember Miami? Skiing? The bars? etc etc) -- just like best friends do. And for that, you're like my brother and I love you. I know that I can count on you, just like you can count on me. So, here we are bro, 11 years later, still friends, still brothers... and still that drunken watermelon speech from years ago holds true.


Alvin Downs aka La Gordurora
Groom's Brother

In his own words:


Well me and Alex met when I was born. We grew up together going through ups and downs. I always looked up to my older bro, specially when he was in High School because he finally had style and became popular. LOL. But he's always been there for me. I just can't believe that he's finally getting married. I've known this kid all my life and he's finally grown up, about to me 30 years old and getting married! It's surprising because I could have never imagined it! The first time I met Monica was in Alex's house, it was me and my little bro. Alex woke up real early cleaning up the whole entire house. He told me and Richard to hide in the room thinking that we were going to embarrass him LOL. At first Monica was the quiet type, but then got comfortable and now everytime I see her, I see Alex, even when I see Alex I see Monica. It's funny because I see how they're made for each other. Two "Durpers" in love, finally tying the knot... and Romeo.

From Alexxx:

alvin and  alex downsOh Alvin, I've cleaned your diapers, seeing you grow up and unsuccessfully chase ugly girls, and just like brothers we've had our moments when I want to go back in time and give my mom an abortion! haha. Just kidding man. No, seriously! You and I have been through it all man. Through poverty and wealth, love and hate, sorrow and joy, but through it all we have stuck together because we love each other and we're brothers. And that's a bond that connect us regardless of anything that life throws at us. You are a reflection of my triumphs and my mistakes, my sense of humor, but not my good looks. Haha, sorry man. You are becoming a man, from that little teenage girl you were. Again, sorry man. You know how it is, I gotta pick on you, and I only do it because I am hoping that one day you'll stop crying... and because I love you and well, you're my little brother and I am just doing my job! Let's always love and be crazy!


Michael Downs aka Lazyboy - Groomsman
Groom's Cousin

Michael DownsIn his own words:

So... I met Alex the first couple of days way back in 1985 when I was born. Ever since then we have been playing all sorts of games, such as nintendo, sega, nintendo 64, playstation, dreamcast, and xbox. We are the dorks of sports game and shoot'em up. It is really blury when I met Monica because I just joined the Marine Corps and I was in and out between home and okinawa. So in a way I introduced myself to her all the time. There is one thing about Alex though. I was in high school when he would call me at home saying, "hey I'm on my way to pick you up, so I'll be there in 10 minutes". Those 10 minutes would turn into 30 minutes, 2 hours, 10 hours, 2 days, and a week later he would call and say the same thing. Both Monica and Alex has always been there for in dark times and happy times. Monica to me has been like a sister to me. She always listened to me when I needed to talk about relationships or any problems. I remember that Monica, Alex and I would spend hours playing checkers online and talk about anything. They have been a big part of my life and having them around has been an ease in life. When Alex first told me that he proposed to Monica I said to myself "finally". If anything they belong together and the people that are around them are blessed. I wish them the best. 

From Alexxx:

michael and alex downsThe few, the proud, the Marine. My main man, you have certainly grown up from that little boy that I used to play with when we were kids. You are now an adult, and still behaving like a kid. Just kidding man. Dude, we still got to finish that football game that we started 8 years ago! But you gotta practice -- And don't wait for me this time, just come over! LOL! We definately spend some quality time playing games, from Nintendo to the 360 to online checkers. Well man, what can I say, you are a Downs, and as such, you carry that crazyness, that ability to crack random jokes and endure whatever life throws at us. I have always tried to give you advice as best as I can because I see you as a little brother even though sometimes you don't listen to them. But that's life. Just know man that I am proud of you for the man you have become and I love you even though you think that's "Gay." And once you're back at Quantico, we'll be hitting the mean streets of DC like two bachelors again -- No... wait... um.... Oh, one thing, when you become an uncle, you're going to be sharing war stories with Jr., just don't scare them though.


Eric Rivera aka Boli - Groomsman
Groom's Hooch

In his own words:

erick riveraTo Monica and Alex.

To have known you is to have known what true love is, it is to know that all the cliche phrases about love are not just that, a " cliche" but a reality and a way of life. To have known you is to have witnessed that happiness does exist, that it does not only involve one's mundane achievements, but the ever lasting silly moments, that you enjoy " TOGETHER". To have known you is to know that I don't only have great friends, but also a brother and sister under ouf father God, and an example of how life should be lived..

From Alexxx:

erick and alexMi Boli, haha, bro, what can I say? We go waaaayyy back. From our humble beginnings at circuit city to the top of our game. How many years is it now? 10+? We have partied hard and in style, enjoyed the bottles at the clubs, (and until you have become "jimmy's property") HAHA!, travelled to exotic places, shared our pains, doubts, played poker (won some, lost some, and even fought with some), but most of all we have supported each other when we needed it. You're my boy! For real man, I know that I can count on you and you know that you can count on me. I know that we're going to be friends until you hair has fallen off and our kids are calling us gramps. You have been an inspiration of what determination and hard work can achieve.


Camilo Encinas aka The "FBI"- Groomsman
Groom's Groupie

From Alexxx:

Haha.. man, there are so many funny stories that I could write on here. We have shared some moments that will... well, remain on the DL, for fear of rumors ("Shakira!!! LOL!!"). Bro, to think that we met after high school and became buddies, party buddies, drinking buddies and then end up as two friends tormenting each other, supporting each other throught the thick and thin of the daily drama of our youth; to think of the countless parties, clubs, late night talks in the car about life, philosophy, and everything that comes after a late night of booze.... Man.. now that I think about it, my mom warned me about friends like you. Haha. Just kidding man. Although you get lost for periods at time, you've been a good friend. And everytime you get back from what my mom calls as "the FBI job" we pick up right back where we left off, like you never disappeared. And that's one more reason I know that after 10 years of knowing each other and being through the heartaches and happiness life has brought us, we'll still be friends regardless of what comes or how long you go MIA in the future.



Thank you ALL for being there for us and for being part of this wonderful time in our lives! May God allow us to grow old together and share more memories...