July 4, 2008     Monica & Alex  
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(Meet The Fockers)

From Monica To:

Mom & Dad
Throughout these years we have been through so many changes, from shy little Monica, to my rebellious years as a teen, to a more mature adult. Good times and bad, you have been there to take care of me and guide me. Thank you for being so strict with me, thank you for always caring and for all of the love and support that you have given me. I thank God for blessing me with parents like you have molded me into the person I am today.

To my Robert Di Niro looking dad, haha! Thank you for keeping me close and for always protecting me. I remember when I was very little, that I was daddy’s little girl. I always wanted to be close to you, and to go places like the museums, the parks. Mom tells me how I used to brush your hair when I was five and say that you were my daddy and how much I loved you. Even though the growing pains changed some of that child innocence, you are still my daddy :) and I love you and have grown to understand you and appreciate you more.

To my mom who is just the best! Thank you for understanding and supporting me with all of my decisions. You have been the tender mother that has been able to give me strength during weak times. Always selfless and always cooking those delicious meals whose aroma brings us back home. Thank you for your tender love and for all of your support.

Mama Marilyn
To my suegrita who is a wonderful person overall, always laughing, always inspiring, and always there to give me advice. I am blessed to have a mother in law like you, and am happy that we have developed a nice relationship like that of a mother and daughter. We have shared many moments already, with tears of happiness and sadness, with overcoming our struggles in life. I give you props for your sense of humor; I guess you have to have a really good one with Lenin, who is always cracking jokes about everything! Most importantly I thank you for your prayers and your unconditional love. Since the beginning, I know that you have prayed for Alex and I as one, and have always included me as part of the family. I am excited to make it official J

Little brother, the baby of the family. You have grown up so much, I can’t believe we are all in our twenties now! I remember mom and dad bringing you home from the hospital, this tiny little baby who I think had one too many accidents when you were little (that explains some things…just kidding!). You were so accident prone, good thing that phase is over. I know we always asked for our own room when we were younger, but in a way, I am glad that we all got to share a room b/c that’s how we got to be close and talked about everything. I am glad that even though you are in college now, and I working and about to start a family, that we can still be close and still talk about things.

Little Richard, he-he. You have grown so much since the first time I met you. From this sweet little red headed kid, to a little brother who isn’t afraid to speak his mind or make fun of me, ha-ha. You have always been a wise kid and for your age very understanding and mature. Thank you for your sweetness and for being so thoughtful. You too have become like a little brother to me.

I know that these years have been very hard for you, but God has his plans and I have seen you grow through adversity. No matter what has happened or what happens we all have to stick togehter to face the problems in life, b/c that's what family is all about. I am glad that you are also like another little brother and hope that you know that Alex and I care abou you a lot and are always here for you.

My only brother in law, thank you for making my sister so happy. It is good to have you in the family. You are like the american version of Alex funny yet very loving, I guess that's why we all get along so well. God Bless you :)

Our sweet little pup. I remember that it was you that picked us out, when I picked you up, you peed on me, and then Alex claiming us as yours. You are the sweetest, most loving and popular dog ever! You bring a smile to us when we come home tired from a hard day at work. Your soulful stare and loyalty makes us love you even more.